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Since the Digital Extraction and Refinement Factory for Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine has been listed in the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects by the Ministry of Industry and Information as a Pilot Demonstration of Intelligent Factory for TCM, Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd continued to increase the investment in transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.It has completed the upgrading and construction of an intelligent factory and workshop, with a cumulative investment of more than 1 billion Yuan, making outstanding contributions to the local economy and high-quality development of the TCM industry.

    Digital extraction Center
    Solid preparation workshop
    Water needle workshop
Jiangsu Kanion’s intelligent manufacturing of traditional Chinese Medicine

The Chinese medicine industry is a national traditional industry in China. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, Chinese medicine has made an important contribution to the prevention and control of the virus. Traditional Chinese medicine is a complex multi-component system. Due to the expansion of production scale, complex process control and strict quality control requirements, its manufacturing process is a complex dynamic system engineering. Therefore, the quality uniformity and controllability of Traditional Chinese medicine has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine products. With the help of China’s efforts to promote intelligent transformation of enterprise during the “13th Five-Year plan “period, Jiangsu Kanion has further carried out intelligent construction and transformation, and gradually completed and improved five intelligent workshops or warehouse such as the intelligent extraction and refinement workshops of Chinese medicine, the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Chinese medicine injections, the intelligent solid preparation factory of traditional Chinese medicine, the intelligent oral liquid workshop of traditional Chinese medicine and the intelligent warehouse. With a total investment of more than 500million RMB covering an area of nearly 50000 square meters and a building area of more than 100000 square meters. Its design adopts intelligent management systems such as online quality control system, automatic control and intelligent logistics system.Design capacity of the preparation could reach 5 billion hard capsules, 500million soft capsules, 2.8 billion tablets and 700 tons of granules. There are 66 varieties in full production with an annual output value of 10.3 billion RMB.

Team Formation

Kanion has set up a special intelligent research institute with multi-disciplinary technical experts in TCM, traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, automation control, quality control of traditional Chinese medicine, information and computation, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

They have extensive experience and knowledge in quality analysis technology of traditional Chinese medicine production processes, machine vision technology, automation, and edge computing technology, information system and database technology, data analysis and modeling technology, and industrial application of artificial intelligence.

The team mainly solves the problems encountered in intelligent transformation and digital transformation such as the establishment of advanced testing methods, production line automation upgrading, production information technology platform construction, industrial big data analysis, etc. At the same time, it promotes the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the entire traditional Chinese medicine industry through the compilation of relevant standards, to achieve the improvement of quality, reduction of costs and increase of efficiency.


During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Jiangsu Kanion continued to improve the intelligent manufacturing system and added 1599 sets of intelligent equipment and systems which realized the intelligent production of multi machine products such as traditional Chinese medicine injections, oral liquid preparations and solid preparations from extraction and refining to preparation and storage.

Technology breakthrough

Jiangsu Kanion, together with Zhejiang university, Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, Jiangnan University and other domestic well-known universities and scientific research institutes, has jointly carried out research, exploration on the information and intelligence of Chinese medicine, and establish relevant standards and norms for intelligent production of traditional Chinese medicine and made breakthroughs in the collection and application of big data in traditional Chinese medicine production, gradually formed the digital twin establishment methodology of traditional Chinese medicine production process.

Central control room of intelligent factory
Information system of traditional Chinese medicine production

In terms of information system construction and equipment intelligence, kanion has untied with leading domestic technology and equipment supplies such as Suzhou Zeda Xingbang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., ltd, Suzhou Zheyuan automatic engineering technology Co.,ltd and Jiangsu Langtong Technology Co.,ltd to develop or reform the MES, APS, ERP and other information systems used in the production of Chinese medicine and gained a lot of experience in the construction of smart factories, formed series of patented technologies and cultivated a group of professional talents.

Through the above research and construction co-operation, Kanion Pharmaceutical has made a series of technological breakthroughs in the intelligent manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine:

  • ·A real-time quality monitoring and release system for the production of TCM based on process analysis technology
  • ·TCM automatic logistic transfer system based on industrial robot technology
  • ·5G+ industrial Internet technology
  • ·Big data platform system based on TCM production
  • ·Ditigal twin modelling technique based on big data of TCM production
  • ·Edge Cloud Technology Based on 5G communication
  • ·TCM sample collecting digital bank
  • ·Digital Monitoring Technology
  • ·Near-infrared spectroscopy for rapid detection
  • ·Modular technology for automation of extraction process
  • ·Intelligent feedback control technology for production process
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